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Saturday, 10 July 2010 09:19

So many questions from too many people … hence this web-log

Frankly? Johor suits me brilliantly just as it now is: few people, square miles of space, unbelievable affordability in housing, food and living in general and 80% less stress than in my last 10 years in Singapore.


This is rapidly going to change – tough on those who came here for the peace, heck rising property costs - because the pace of development in the Iskandar region across from Tuas is incredible … you need to see for yourself the stunning and vast Puteri (pleasure) Harbour, meticulously planned choice property estates, the university complex and so on.

Singaporeans have not been slow to invest here. And they are also starting to live here in larger numbers. The last rumour was 26,000 of us moved over… and in the last five years property prices began to rise. Not in the crazy manner of our houses and HDB apartments, but noticeably.

Yes, we love it here for so many reasons. Are there adjustments to be made? Of course. But far fewer than if we had moved to Malacca, Thailand or Bintan. Any things I dislike about living in Johor? Definitely! Any things I cannot find in Johor? Sure. But we are 45 minutes from Raffles Place and all the shows and shopping we might fancy, if passport control on the Singapore side is not on a go-slow and the traffic on the causeway and the PIE/AYE are not in a jam – and one cannot blame Johor for that.

When we moved here more than five years ago, friends would call and email me to ask any number of questions about living in Johor, from which property to choose to questions on hospitals and security. And they told their friends who also felt free to ring or email me!

To spare myself from repeating the information ad nauseum, tailored to suit each enquirer, I decided to put everything down on my own web page. Then of course when doing the outline of the content, so much more was needed if it is to be comprehensive, so this has become work. I hope I’ll eventually get paid for some of it, because it is taking a heck of a lot of time. But it’s also very interesting to do it, specially the language and history parts. This is a work in progress. Hope you people out there will find it useful and correct – and do feel free to correct me (I hope this will not be necessary) or expand on what is written.

As a guest in this country and as the only passport I hold is a Singapore one (plus my family first went to Singapore in 1843, so our roots are much deeper than those of most other Singaporeans) I will not be provoked to comment on anything even vaguely political on either country. This web will only have posts that are sensitive and nurture the ties of the people of two countries that have the closest family connections, a network of family friends for generations and a shared old multi-culture.


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